Seamatch, over the past 20 years, has built a solid and successful track record operating as a recruitment firm and focusing in both permanent placement and contracting assig nments.

In the early years, headhunting for the mid and senior level executives formed a major portion of our business. As a result, we had developed an operating habit in having an in-depth understanding of clients’ requirement, full knowledge of candidates’ strength, career expectation. The whole searching assignment has to be conducted in a professional manner in order to close any deals. We, indeed, successfully identified a lot of right talents to our clients.

IT contracting assignment always forms a core component of our business. Companies will adopt the latest technologies for their individual business needs and IT staffs have to update their skill sets constantly in order to cope with the market demand. Nonetheless, turnover in the IT staffing market is relatively high due to the technology development and different projects will demand IT staffs with different skillset. 

Operating Principles
Our senior management mainly came from top technology vendors in US and it’s no surprise that we operate our company based on the following positioning pillars: 

  • To be acknowledged as a team of above average recruitm​ent profe​ssionals with the unique expertise to consistently facilitate a winning, successful result for both our clients and candidates.
  • To always conduct ourselves in a manner that reflects our passion and commitment to delivering a positive outcome for all parties involved.
  • Ensure that all our team members are committed to our Mission Statement and share similar values and high standards.
  • To continually review, learn, grow and improve both personally and professionally to best assist others to reach their recruitment goals, and to compete effectively.
  • To keep acquiring relevant information and expanding our knowledge and expertise to be considered ‘true consultants’ and ‘trusted advisors’.
  • To create lasting relationships with our clients and candidates based on successful service delivered, honesty, integrity, trust and mutual respect.
  • To be innovative and creative and ‘add value’ to the recruitment process at every opportunity to further enhance the outcome. 

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