SH Kwan | CSITA | T26 Contract, HKSAR OGCIO

My consultant is a professional HR expertise in Seamatch. I greatly appreciate her ability to select the most suitable position for me based on my skills and experience.Her guidance has provided invaluable support for my future career in IT. Thank you very much.

William Chan | Analyst Programmer, REO | T26 Contract, HKSAR OGCIO

I am extremely pleased with my new agency company Seamatch Asia Limited. Not only do they provide fast and punctual salary payments, but I am also thrilled to have had the opportunity to meet my consultant in Seamatch.
She is a professional, responsiveness is remarkable and has been instrumental in securing a satisfactory compensation package for me.

Ken Hang | Analyst Programmer | T26 Contract, HKSAR OGCIO

I have worked with many career consulting companies before, but it wasn't until I came across Seamatch Aisa Ltd. I realized how professional they can be. I will continue to recommend them to my friends, and I would also like to express my gratitude to my consultant in Seamatch for her accurate and professional service over the years.

Joyce Pang | CITA IMMD | T26 Contract, HKSAR OGCIO

Salary on time. Quick leave approval. Pleasant work environment offered by TCON.
All thanks to my agent and Seamatch's efficient admin team.

KP Chan | Systems Analyst | RVD | T Contract, HKSAR OGCIO

I paid excessive effort from contacting various agencies for T-contract positions but until I met my consultant in Seamatch. She is so efficient and effective that helped me to get the right post that completely matches my experience and skills. She is responsive, and keeps updating me with the progress.  Her sharing of interview skills definitely hit the points.